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Magnesium Supplementation Improves Sleep in Adults and Children

Several recent studies show that magnesium supplementation helps improve sleep.  In the first study (from the Journal “Magnesium Research”, Dec. 2010 issue), with adults over age 51, it was found that 320 milligrams of magnesium citrate per day could lower inflammation along with helping sleep.

In a second study of children ages 5 to 12 with attention deficit disorders, it was found that a supplement containing only 80 milligrams of magnesium was able to improve focus and was especially helpful in correcting sleep problems in these children.  (Fish oil and zinc were also included in the supplement, as well as the 80 mg. of magnesium).

From Byron Richards, CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) at Wellness Resources.

….Additional Comments from Nutrition Breakthroughs:
Supplements with Magnesium The combination of minerals included in a supplement and the presence of vitamin cofactors (such as vitamin D and K) are key. Formulas should contain a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium (twice as much calcium as magnesium). The original research on this recommended ratio appeared in 1935 in the Journal of Physiological Reviews.  In addition, a softgel form is more digestible than tablets.  Softgels formulated with carrier oils such as evening primrose have been shown to increase mineral absorption, reduce calcium excretion and increase bone density.  

One formula that has these qualities and is gaining in popularity is Sleep Minerals II from  Sleep Minerals II is an insomnia remedy which contains six forms of calcium, three forms of magnesium (including the citrate form), boron, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and horsetail herb – all combined in a softgel with carrier oils.

Sleep Minerals II – A Powerful Natural Insomnia Remedy

Nutrition Breakthroughs of Glendale California is providing a natural alternative to sleeping drugs with Sleep Minerals II, a potent weapon in the war against insomnia and its many side effects. This next generation of Sleep Minerals features fast absorbing forms of nature’s best-known minerals for relaxation – calcium and magnesium. A recent National Sleep Foundation poll reports that American insomnia rates have increased from 51% to 64% in the last few years.

According to the National Institutes of Health, insomnia can wreak havoc on the health and lives of its sufferers, causing excessive daytime sleepiness and extreme lack of energy.  The sleep-deprived can become irritable and depressed and may have trouble focusing on tasks, paying attention, learning and remembering.  Insomnia can contribute to accidents with machinery, accidents from poor balance and accidents on the road while driving.

The use of prescription sleeping drugs has steadily increased, and most sleeping pills, especially when taken over long periods of time, stay in the bloodstream, give a hangover effect the next day and beyond, and impair performance on the job and at home.  Insomnia is a major problem for millions of Americans, with 25% of the U.S. using sleeping drugs in an effort to get some rest.  Because of the drug side effects, an increasing number of people are reaching out to find an effective natural sleep remedy.

Sleep Minerals II from has stepped forward as a potent natural alternative.  It can help the restless sleep whether they are unable to fall asleep at the beginning of the night, or they habitually wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.  It is an effective insomnia remedy due to its unique combination of ingredients.  It contains highly absorbable forms of minerals, including six types of calcium (carbonate, citrate, gluconate, aspartate, malate, micronized hydroxyapatite), three forms of magnesium (oxide, aspartate, citrate), boron, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and horsetail herb – all combined in a softgel with carrier oils.  Oils such as evening primrose have been shown to increase mineral absorption, reduce calcium excretion, and increase bone density.

Calcium is directly related to our cycles of sleep. One study found that calcium levels were higher during some of the deepest levels of sleep, such as the rapid eye movement (REM) phase.  Calcium is one of the few minerals that acts as a natural sedative, because it causes the release of the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. The well-known nutritionist Adelle Davis says: “A calcium deficiency often shows itself by insomnia, another form of an inability to relax. The harm done by sleeping tablets, to say nothing of the thousands of dollars spent on them, could largely be avoided if the calcium intake were adequate.”

Insomnia is also one of the main symptoms of a chronic magnesium deficiency. Sleep in magnesium deficiency is usually agitated with frequent nighttime awakenings. On the other hand, a high magnesium diet has been found to be associated with deeper, less interrupted sleep. This was proven in a study done by James Penland at the Human Nutrition Research Center called “Effects of trace element nutrition on sleep patterns in adult women.”

However, no matter how many studies support the use of these ingredients and their unique formulation, the proof is in the pudding.  Lyn K. of Los Angeles, CA. says “I’ve had chronic insomnia for some years now and had been taking other calcium products to help with my sleep. None have worked as effectively or consistently as Sleep Minerals II. I can count on it whenever I need help falling asleep at night or going back to sleep during the night. This is what sets it apart from the rest – it works reliably. And in my life, I need to be well-rested 7 days a week, so I call this product my ‘Sleep Insurance’.  It also eases my premenopause symptoms, evens out my hormonal changes, and seems to put my body into a healthy balance.”

Veronica R. of British Columbia, Canada says: “This product has worked wonders for me. Before I started taking it, I would fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. When I got the product I started taking them, and have had no problems going back to sleep. Now I don’t have to be awake for two or three hours every night. I’m so happy I took the chance to try it. I don’t like taking over-the-counter drugs. With Sleep Minerals II, I don’t feel sleepy at all during the day.”

So if you or someone you love is suffering with sleeplessness and insomnia, try putting some Sleep Minerals II into your arsenal of effective natural remedies.

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