News and Research on Magnesium for Sleep

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Here is an interesting chart of home remedies for restless leg syndrome.  Calcium and magnesium can also be effective remedies for RLS.

One example is a study from the journal “Sleep”.  Magnesium was administered orally in the evening over a period of 4-6 weeks. Following magnesium treatment, periodic leg movements associated with awakenings decreased significantly. The researchers concluded: “Our study indicates that magnesium treatment may be a useful alternative therapy.”

This news is brought to you by Nutrition Breakthroughs and its natural sleep aid Sleep Minerals II.  Sleep Minerals II is the original magnesium and calcium based sleep remedy, known for soothing even the worst insomnia. It helps everyone from teenagers, to women with menopause symptoms, to those with restless leg syndrome, to get a good night’s sleep.

Kimberly B of Troy, Michigan says: “I have been taking Sleep Minerals II for about a month now.  I have tried everything out there and this supplement is amazing.  I have suffered with insomnia for 2 ½ years.  I have also had restless leg syndrome my entire life and this is the first relief I’ve ever had…’s gone for a month now.”

For more information on Sleep Minerals II visit this Internet page.

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Jobee Knight
Nutrition Breakthroughs

Restless leg syndrome remedies



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