News and Research on Magnesium for Sleep

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Here is a great educational chart about carbohydrates including which ones are the healthiest, those that are not as healthy, and why. It’s almost a complete overview of carbohydrates contained in a picture.

One might think that carbohydrates are just things like cookies, cakes and bread.  Actually the healthiest carbs come from vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  The plant chemicals found in veggies and fruits are nature’s best remedies for many parts of the body including the eyes, brain, heart, glands and bones.

Regarding which types of carbohydrates to eat to sleep better, researchers at the University of Sydney Australia gave two different kinds of meals to the study participants a few hours before bedtime. They found that a carbohydrate-based meal such as brown rice or whole grains significantly shortened the time needed to fall asleep.

See some more interesting facts about carbs below.

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Carbohydrates - good and bad

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