News and Research on Magnesium for Sleep

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Here is a great handy chart of natural remedies.  These are well-known healthy counterparts for many common medications.  Add these powerhouse foods to your diet for any of the conditions shown.

The two most effective natural alternatives to sleeping drugs are highly absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium. The European Neurology Journal published a study showing that during the deepest levels of sleep, calcium levels in the body are higher. Regarding magnesium for sleep, the Human Nutrition Research Center discovered that a magnesium-rich diet is linked to deeper, less interrupted sleep.

This news is provided to you by Nutrition Breakthroughs, maker of the effective natural insomnia remedy Sleep Minerals II and Joints and More, the natural solution for joint relief, aches and pains, stronger hair and nails and more energy.

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Natural Remedies as Counterparts to Drugs
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