News and Research on Magnesium for Sleep

Feeling drowsy is an ailment that plagues most individuals regardless of conditions. Chronic lethargy and an inability to focus can make everyday pursuits time-consuming and difficult to enjoy. Instead of suffering along with your feelings of drowsiness during the daytime, take actions to increase your mental clarity and concentration. 1. Making Lifestyle Changes Drink water. […]

via 2 Ways to Not Feel Sleepy — Mzochim

An interesting article on how to sleep better and live healthier.  For example Mzochim says:

“Have a calcium supplement. Your sleepiness could really be due to a simple lack in minerals and vitamins. If you are not getting enough magnesium in your diet, then try taking a magnesium supplement. These can be found at all health food stores and can be obtained on a daily basis.”

This natural health news is shared by Nutrition Breakthroughs, a publisher of nutrition articles and a supplier of natural remedies since 2002.  Nutrition Breakthroughs makes Sleep Minerals II, the effective natural sleep aid with calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D

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